Authors and “notables” Testimonials:

Mike Dooley says: “Magnetizing Your Heart's Desire is…

A delightful book about turning your wishes into reality, the easy way. Sharon’s suggested tools are simple and powerful, enabling anyone to get a leg-up on crafting the life of their dreams. MAGNETIZING YOUR HEART'S DESIRES is a great starting point for inciting change, and bringing about the best of your life.”

~ Mike Dooley, Author, Notes of the Universe, Featured Teacher in The Secret

Author Gregg Braden shares: TIMELY! EMPOWERING!

Through true accounts and personal experience, Magnetizing Your Hearts Desire illustrates how the events of our outer world clearly reflect our inner dialogue of thought and emotion. Long after her book has been read, Sharon Warren’s words remain with us, echoed as the miracles that offer themselves in each moment of our lives.

Gregg Braden, Author,
The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief;
The God Code; The Isaiah Effect, and many other books

A rare book that can actually change your life!

Leaving the hype for books that need it, I'm going to be straight and to the point:
Magnetizing Your Heart's Desire is one of those rare books that could actually change your life. of course, you have to read it and utilize the insightful wisdom it conveys in order to expect any change... or do you? To tell you the truth, I honestly believe that the mere act of reading this book will affect how you think...which will automatically incite changes to your life force energy...that will then set off a chain reaction of vibrational attraction to create the vision you have for your life.

I recommend you get a copy of this book fast to learn the proper way of aligning your thoughts so you will get what you want rather than what you don't want out of life. The expense and energy put into the creation of this book turn it into much more than a read; it makes reading it an experience.

Bob Olson,, Editor: Featured Book Selection


Well, my friends, I rarely come across a book that is an immediate zing in my heart and soul! Sharon Warren’s Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire is an amazing book that will “EMPOWER” YOU beyond what you could ever imagine. This book covers everything!

It has many very specific tools on how to truly magnetize all your deeply held heart’s desires in your life. I absolutely adore this outstanding book! It is so comprehensive and fun. The rare-earth magnets are brilliant and a joy to use to understand the Law of Attraction.

I am fascinated using the Creation Box and how powerful it is. This book teaches how to magnetize ALL your heart’s desires. I have featured Sharon’s book in my product catalog, as well interviewing her personally for my web site. This truly contains fresh, life changing tools in every chapter and I want to share this inspired book with everyone who is excited to live on purpose.

Michele Blood, LaJolla, CA.

Everyone should read this book!

If you want to learn about the laws of manifestation—read this book! In a beautiful, simple and powerful way, Sharon Warren teaches us all the spiritual principles necessary to create our lives with heart and meaning.

Carolyn Conger, PhD, International Seminar leader

All the good you can imagine!

Sharon’s book is a delightful, inspirational, and easy to read guide to understanding the universal concepts that underlie the life we all live. Follow Sharon’s guidance and tools and create a consciousness that will attract all the good that you can imagine.

Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D Author, Before You Think Another Thought

Finally! A step-by-step guide to living the life you dream!

Sharon, I actually ended up finding your book, Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire, by accident one day and it has been the most exciting accident I've ever been involved in! When I received your book, I could "feel" that there was something different within the pages. When I started reading it, I soon discovered something I had been searching for... a step-by-step guide for using the power of the law of attraction in my life. It has been nothing short of miraculous since I received your book. I became co-author in a #1 best selling book, my business income more than tripled, I have more clients than I can handle right now, and partnerships with 3 of the top 10 marketing masterminds in the world! And that is in only two months! No bull, all true! Sharon, my deepest heart-felt thank you for writing such a masterpiece!

Troy White, "Turning Words Into Wealth" - Calgary Canada


The first time I read Sharon Warren's "Magnetizing Your Heart's Desire"
I felt as if I had been introduced to a great teacher and a wonderful new friend.
Sharon's joy, love and wisdom literally leaps from every page.
As she shares her own experiences and imparts wisdom through a host of well-suited parables,
I have come to expect a new and refreshing discovery with every read.
The inclusion of those marvelous little earth magnets makes it even better,
turning the book into an interactive learning experience
and bringing me into immediate awareness of my power. Awesome!

Kate Novak, 2007


What readers are saying about Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire

The BEST Information EVER on The Law of Attraction!

This author gives the most thorough information on the process of attracting dreams into a person's life. The Law of Attraction is a real energy and the applications do work once you understand the Law of Attraction. I have purchased five copies and everyone who received a copy treasures the information! Gold nuggets galore in this book!

~ T. McConnell

If you only read one book this year, make it Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire

If you have been "magnetized" to read Sharon Warren's book, Magnetizing Your Heart's Desire, than you are one of the lucky ones in this world. It is a book to be embraced with joy as you learn to align your thoughts and actions to achieve your goals. Be prepared for laughs but also for changes - unexpected and delicious changes because they will come and leave you weeping with gratitude or gasping at their enormity. If you read one book this year make it Magnetizing Your Hearts Desire.

Sonja Heimlick, N.C.


I love the way Sharon weaves humor and stories along with her incredibly powerful (and simple!) ways in every chapter to create what we want in our lives. By using these tools, I created the very best and highest paying job I have ever had. Thank you, Sharon, for helping me to manifest my heart’s desires and laughing all the way to the bank!! You and your book are awesome! I threw the “other” books away and only read yours!

“Dallas”- Gold Canyon, AZ.

Thank you from South Africa!

Sharon Warren, I want to THANK YOU for your book, Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire. It’s magnificent! I am so thrilled in working with the book’s material and it has really lifted my spirits. You have a wonderful way of writing---it is so infectious! I am recommending this book to everyone I know.

Cynthia Taylor, South Africa

Most exciting and refreshing book I’ve read…

WOW! Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire is the most exciting and refreshing book I have read in a very long time! It is so unique! It is so inspiring! It is also the first book that incorporates FUN into philosophy. There are so many neat ideas in your book that jumped out at me and helped me think “outside the box.” I’ve learned to ‘lighten up’ and my mission is to change my lifestyle so I can actually live my life with style. I intend to use your book and all the “magnetic” law of attraction tools to keep me on track!

Deb Boyd, Auburn, In.


I ordered Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire two weeks ago and I wanted to savor each page by reading it slowly, instead of devouring it in one reading. The book is so delicious, uplifting and inspiring. Ms. Warren has such an incredible gift for expressing herself and for making the material very clear, simple and so yummy [which is now one of my favorite words].

I love the graphics and there are so many profound statements that most of my book is underlined and starred. I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about magnetizing your true heart’s desire. If you don’t like your present reality, it is time to magnetize a beautiful new reality by using the law of attraction principles in this book. This book gives me the inspiration I needed to magnetize my heart’s desires. I have already started to “play” with some of the projects. Ms. Warren’s caring ways really shine through in her book. I feel like she is “co-creating” with me in magnetizing my heart’s desires. A MUST READ FOR THOSE SEEKING TRUE JOY.

Jillian Mazzeo, Lynbrook, NY

Become a magnet for miracles!

Sharon Warren has written a book that is unique, fun to read, full of brilliant ideas and powerful techniques: a book that really does help people deliberately create more and more of what they really want in life through the law of attraction! I have been studying, applying and teaching Abraham principles for over 10 years. This book, plus its tiny but powerful magnets, has propelled my positive vibration into a whole new zone!

Linda Marie Sands, President & Co-Founder,
DreamQuest Intnl., Melbourne, FL

Sharon’s joy, love and wisdom leaps forth from every page in this book!

The first time I read Sharon Warren's "Magnetizing Your Heart's Desire" I felt as if I had been introduced to a great teacher and a wonderful new friend. Sharon's joy, love and wisdom literally leaps from every page. As she shares her own experiences and imparts wisdom through a host of well-suited parables, I have come to expect a new and refreshing discovery with every read and, so far, have not been disappointed. The inclusion of those marvelous little earth magnets makes it even better, turning the book into an interactive learning experience and bringing me into immediate awareness of my power. Awesome!

Kate Nowak, Texas,


The Law of Attraction In Action-How To Magnetize Your Heart's Desire A live interview with Sharon Warren & Heather Vale on Success Unwrapped Radio (Audio CD)


The wonder of the Law of Attraction

The life changing principles of the Law of Attraction is applicable to each individual’s unique personality. Sharon beautifully explains attraction vs. resistance with personal examples to clearly illustrate the law of attraction, which applies to everyone. Sharon’s CD shares how much happiness and joy is available when you align your personal energy with purpose. We understand that through life’s contrast of conditions, emotions, and situations, we become Creators of an unlimited wonderful life. We are guided with principles to become aligned for our greatest good. Sharon’s words strike a bottomless depth of ever-increasing awareness each time you listen to this CD. This interview could have been an additional chapter in The Secret book or presented on The Secret DVD. It’s a real treat!

Shirley Kussner, Oxford, Michigan

Thank You Sharon!

For those of us who have read Sharon Warren’s book, “Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire, “ this is an excellent refresher, and I certainly welcomed it. There are so many powerful ideas in her CD, whether you have read her book or not. I’m impressed with Sharon’s ability to answer Heather’s questions so clearly and thoroughly and in such a fun way. Sharon has an amazing amount of useful information and shares it in a most delightful manner!

Joyous Lesperance, Fresno, Ca.

Listening to this new CD is a must!

I have read Sharon Warren's book Magnetizing Your Heart's Desire several times but her new CD, The Law Of Attraction is a "shot in the arm" for those of us who forget how powerful Sharon's message is. Putting Sharon's magnetic face and voice with her message makes it that more energizing. After listening to it at home, I recently took it with me on a trip and found it valuable in keeping in touch with the principles of the law of attraction that the book puts forth. Thank you Sharon!

R. Heimlich, N.C.

Buy this CD to attract more of what you desire

Several years ago, I read and loved Sharon Warren's teachings in her book, 'Magnetizing Your Heart's Desire. ' On this new CD, Sharon has given us more fun tools to play with to use for 'The Law of Attraction in Action.’ Having the audio CD resource, along with her book and rare earth magnets, demonstrates very clearly how these tools will change your life. Personally, I have empowered myself to attract and achieve more of what I desire in my life. Sharon's added resources on the new CD bring even more love, laughter and joy as she shares many of her life experiences. You won't want to be without this CD in your home, office or car!

Carolyn Henderson, Sebring, Fl.

Fun and practical steps that work!

Sharon Warren is taking us beyond the theory of "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction by telling us HOW to apply the knowledge in practical ways in our lives. I have had Sharon’s book, Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire for a few years and have been using her tools successfully. However, listening to the CD helps me to remember and integrate all these useful steps. This CD is a great reminder of my personal power to be a Creator in my daily life. Sharon's stories and humor are wonderful. This CD is going on my IPod for reference often. When I remember to follow Sharon's simple steps, I am amazed over and over again at how quickly things manifest for me - it works!

Robin Mullin, Hawaii


Even if you've never heard of the Law of Attraction and have no idea how magnetic it is, listening to Sharon Warren's new CD "The Law of Attraction in Action - How To Magnetize Your Heart's Desire" will get you excited. Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious and her insights into practical ways to implement what she teaches cannot help but inspire even the most skeptical listener. Sharon doesn't just tell her listeners what to do. Through sharing her own experiences, she shows us how.

Kate Nowak, Texas,