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Sharon A. Warren, M.A. Author

Hardcover - 230 pages, includes a set of rare-earth magnets with each book
Are you excited to MAGNETIZE YOUR HEART'S DESIRES easily and joyfully? This book will forever change the way you create your reality, attract your grandest dreams and manifest your highest outcomes by providing:

A set of magnets to quickly demonstrate and understand "hands on" how you attract your heart's desires.
How to consistently be a Deliberate Creator and vibrate on purpose.
Why the magnetic Law of Attraction works--positively or negatively
because what you think about expands.
How to be a masterful point of attraction for all your heart's desires.
Simple skills to attract your desired outcomes quickly and easily.
Empowering tools that create, activate and magnetize more joy in every arena of your life: relationships, love, money, career and home.
The value of challenges (formerly known as problems) and why 'contrast' assists you in making higher, wiser choices.
Inspired visions for your decisions to name and claim your personal power.
The best way to predict your future is to imagine and create it through your focused attention and direction with the four steps of deliberate creation.

Exciting insights that will mirror how you 'magnetically' repel or attract your heart's desires with every thought and action.



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Sharon A. Warren, M.A. (Audio CD) ISBN-10: 0967499003

In this 60 minute live interview, you'll discover fun tools to use for The Law of Attraction In Action© to magnetize your heart s desires: * What vibrating on purpose means * The four steps of Deliberate Creation * How to use contrast (challenges) for your highest outcomes *What magic and miracles really are *Simple tools to attract your heart s desires with personal life examples. Heather also unwraps asks questions where Sharon reveals: * How your consciousness is like electricity * How you often step on your own hose in your daily life * Tools to consistently stay connected to your Stream of Well Being * Turning impossible into I'm possible strategies

About the Author
Sharon Warren, M.A., author of the top ranking book, Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire, discusses the Law of Attraction In Action© with Success Unwrapped talk show host, Heather Vale, a seasoned broadcast journalist, who has interviewed notables from the wildly popular The Secret DVD such as Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, Dr. John Demartini, and Mike Dooley; as well as acclaimed authors, Randy Gage and Mark Joyner and many others.


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MAGNETS Connected
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1/4 " dia. x 1"H, nickel-plated: rare earth magnets