Sharon A. Warren, M.A. is a catalyst for transformation and has empowered thousands of people through her life changing classes, teachings and writing. Before moving to Arizona, Sharon taught at Indiana-Purdue University for 17 years and received very enthusiastic, rave reviews about the positive effects of her courses.

Photos of workshop at Indiana-Purdue University
In 1999, Sharon wrote, Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire, which has been updated and reprinted four times as a top-ranking seller.

It will be released as an e-book this year. In 2006, a Russian publisher purchased the foreign rights for Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire, which is now in production and will be available soon.

Sharon’s new 60 minute CD interview with Heather Vale on Success Unwrapped Radio is entitled, The Law of Attraction In Action, How To Magnetize Your Heart’s Desire. It was released in March 2007, and has already received outstanding reviews for it’s “how to” content presented with fun new tools and personal life examples.

Sharon monthly columns from Arizona Together Newspaper entitled: How Am I Flowing My Energy are soon going to be released as weekly blogs online at www.lawofattractioninaction.com

Photos of workshop at Indiana-Purdue University
Sharon is also an accomplished business professional, and has facilitated and coordinated many major events and sold-out audiences with well-known authors and teachers. Sharon is co-founder of Amazing Grace Unlimited with her husband, Duaine Warren. They have been presenters in a number of foreign countries and also hosted tours to sacred sites. Sharon’s has a zest and joy for life that is contagious.
Photos of workshop at Indiana-Purdue University)