"JOY is the sign that creative emotion
is fulfilling its purpose."

~Charles Du Bos

In my book, Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire, I share a delicious story on Pg. 193 entitled, I CHOOSE THE COLORS.” Our heart’s desires are our personalized life canvas, which we can imbue with our passions, aspirations, and highest outcomes. Our desires colorfully express who we are at this moment in time, and what we are becoming as we follow our heart and trust our gut.

The thoughts we think and each intention we speak is like swirling brush strokes being vibrationally outpictured to the Universe. Our heartfelt intentions and predominant beliefs become living, breathing, pulsing creations in the ongoing mural unfolding in our daily lives. Know you dwell in new possibilities every single day! And remember, the best way to predict your future is to IMAGINE and CREATE it!

Shine on!

From my heart,